12 step coinssm

Step Medallions/Coins

Non fellowship specific Step Coins, one for each step

Hi Bill & Teresa,
I’d like to say thank you for having such a wonderful website to order from.

I’m currently working in a 12 step rehab which has just opened and although it has been a challenge, when some one does a step 5 and I give them a coin which I buy from you I see the happiness such a small gift brings.

Your supply and quick delivery has been very much appreciated.

Thank you
Angela J

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Step 5

Step Five
We admit our wrong to others

Step 6

Step Six
We are humble

Step 7

Step Seven
We accept ourselves

Step 8

Step Eight
We are willing to make amends

Step 9

Step Nine
We make amends

Step 10

Step Ten
We continue our personal inventory

Step 11

Step Eleven
We seek our Higher Power

Step 12

Step Twelve
We practise these principles

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