8 Month AA Sobriety Chip

Eight months sobriety chip

9 Month AA Sobriety Chip

Nine months sobriety chip

10 Month AA Sobriety Chip

Ten months sobriety chip

11 Month AA Sobriety Chip

Eleven month sobriety chip

Bronze AA Year Birthday Medallion/Coin

Bronze AA Annual Sobriety Birthday Medallion/Coin 1-60 years including blank plus 18 months

A bronze AA sobriety birthday medallion with a circle on a triangle, with Roman Numerals denoting the sober birthday.  The Serenity Prayer is stamped on the reverse.  We stock from 1 year to 60 years.

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Healing Spirit

Healing Spirit of Recovery Coin
Bronze Coin with a prayer to the Great Spirit on the reverse side

Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand Together Coin
Bronze Recovery & Unity Coin

One Day at a Time

Welcome to Recovery
Bronze Welcome Coin with "One Day at a Time" on the reverse

Dare to Dream

Dare to Dream Coin
Bronze Coin with "Dare to Dream" and "Fear is the Thief of Dreams" on the reverse

Believe Coin

Believe to Succeed
Bronze Coin "They who succeed believe they will" and "Dare to Dream" on the reverse

Ride Clean Affirmation Coin/ Medallion

Ride Free Ride Clean Affirmation Coin/Medallion

One Day at a Time Coin

Camel One day at a Time Coin
The Camel has often been described as the AA mascot.  It starts and ends each day on it's knees and can go long periods without taking a drink.  The reverse side has a reminder about the 24 hour programme

Heart Affirmation Coin/Medallion

My Heart is in my Recovery Affirmation Coin/Medallion

Praying Hands Affirmation Coin/Medallion

Praying Hands Affirmation Coin/Medallion

Guardian Angel Coin

Guardian Angel Coin

Butterfly Affirmation Coin/Medallion

A Beautiful Butterfly Affirmation Coin/Medallion

Camel ODAT Affirmation Coin/Medallion

Camel One Day at a Time Affirmation Coin/Medallion
The camel is often described as AA's mascot. On the reverse of the Camel is the legend of it's ability to go long periods without a drink, yet still hold its head high.  The legend talks about the camel's need to begin and end each day on it's knees

Dare to Dream Affirmation Coin/Medallion

Dare to Dream Affirmation Coin/Medallion
Bronze Affirmation Coin with, "Dare to Dream", on the front and, "Fear is the Thief of Dreams", on the reverse. 
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Big Book Cover

Big Book Cover 

Leather look  Hardback version of the Big Book cover with printed Serenity Prayer and a Sobriety Coin holder.