Bronze AA Year Medallions

We stock bronze sobriety medallions or coins celebrating from 1 to 60 years sobriety. 

Hi Teresa & Bill.

Happy New Year to you.

Thank you ever so much for sending what will be my last order now as my chip service was up on Wednesday. Just want to say thank you for all your hard work getting the chips out to not only me but every group that orders from you. It has been much appreciated and I am extremely grateful.

I'd imagine I will do some chip service in my years of sobriety to come so until next time, God bless you both and thanks again.

Joe x

AA Monthly Chips


Bronze AA Year Birthday Medallion/Coin

Bronze AA Annual Sobriety Birthday Medallion/Coin 1-60 years including blank plus 18 months

A bronze AA sobriety birthday medallion with a circle on a triangle, with Roman Numerals denoting the sober birthday.  The Serenity Prayer is stamped on the reverse.  We stock from 1 year to 60 years.

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Single Medallion Display

Wooden Medallion/Chip Holder

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Easel & Holder

Clear plastic holder & easel
A clear plastic coin/medallion holder & easel to hold & show your token to best effect and protect it too.
The cost does not include the coin or medallion

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To order by text, send your name and number to 07830 208318